Some of the ways to sponsor at Changing Lives Ministries.

Our Home

R35000 will cover one month of operating costs without salaries and food for our Children's Home
R800 will cover one month gas.

Quality Education for our Kids

School Uniform
R500 will sponsor 1 boys summer school uniform which includes: Shoes/Socks/Pants/Shirt/Sweater
R800 will sponsor 1 girls summer school uniform which includes: Shoes/socks/dress/Sweater
R500 will sponsor 1 Winter uniform includes
Long pants/Jacket & woollen tights.

School Transportation

R650 will sponsor 3days of school transport in our own bus for 15 children
R185 will sponsor 5days of school transport for 1 child travelling with public transport

School Fees

R22000 Will Cover one month of school fees for all of our children
R242000 Will cover one year of school fee's for all of our children

Remedial lessons

R200 will sponsor 1 lesson per child per week

Educational or Recreational Outings

R500 to R1500 Contact us if you have an idea for an Outing you’d like to help sponsor.

Have an Idea or a Heart for something not listed which you would like to sponsor. Please contact us info (at) clmsa [punkt] org or +27 (0) 82 854 5853. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Wish List

a) Gas/Electric Stove +- R10000
b) 3 Stainless Steel Tables +- R3500 each
c) New DB Electric Board +- R7000
d) Annual Audit Fees +- R12000
e) Pressure Washer +- R2500
f) Small reliable Sedan Car
g) Burglar Bars on all Bedroom Windows
h) 10 Firm Thick Foam Single Mattresses
i) Laptop for Admin
j) Kitchen overall
k) Floor and wall tiles for pantry and scullery
l) Industrial hotel type dishwasher
m) 3 Donkey Boilers to replace electric geysers
n) Water pressure pump
o) 40 new hand towels
p) 40 single bed fitted sheets (10 pink, 10 blue, 6 Red 6yellow 6 green, 2 white)
q) 40 single bed flat sheets(10 pink, 10 blue, 6 Red 6yellow 6 green, 2 white)
r) 40 pillow cases(10 pink, 10 blue, 6 Red 6yellow 6 green, 2 white)
s) Very large clear plastic table cloth
t) 1 speed Queen washing machine
u) 1 frontloader washing machine
v) 20 bedside mats ( red, green, blue, purple)
w) Lino for 8 bedroom floors

Help, Save Our Home!

Help the Children Keep their Home! Make the Village of Joy, the kids Forever Home!

Our lease for The Village of Joy has not been renewed. In the seven years we have resided here this place has become a home to our Children. We have been given a chance to purchase this property at the very reasonable cost of 390,000 USD. With the current property market in Johannesburg it would be impossible to find something for this price which would house all our children and allow for staff to live on site.

We still need your help! Won't you please consider making a donation to help CLM secure this house to be our Forever Home!!

Link to the Fundraising site: http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/help-save-the-childrens-home-urgent/332094


We are grateful for our sponsors! The sponsors of CLM are the backbone from which we can support our children. Their/your generous donations allow for the day to day operations, the purchase of our property and the upgrade of the property to provide a quality home and a sustainable future.


via Bank Transfer EFT:

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account: 62061697284
Branch: Benmore Gardens Branch #251-255
Account Name: Changing Lives Ministries
Ref: Your name, email or mobile number
For international transfers our swift address: FIRNZAJJ