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Make a Difference, Give Time

We need volunteers to give time with our Kids.

Academic: Spend time to help our kids succeed in school with Homework help & Tutoring

Enrichment: Spend time to help our kids make memories. Sport & Games, Arts & Crafts, Field-trips

Life Skills: Spend time to teach our kids new things by Sharing Skills and providing Life Coaching

Mentor: Spend time making a difference through building relationships. One on one relationship building

We need volunteers to give time in our Home

Home Help: With such a large household, there is always a need for general help around the house

Minor Maintenance: Handy help to fix small issues around the house

Sewing & knitting: mending clothes making new clothes – teaching these skills to our children.

We need volunteers to give time on our Property

Facility Improvement: As we work to develop our strategy for sustainability we need help improving our existing facilities.

Gardening: CLM is making an effort to connect our children with where food comes from and has started a small planting area.

Nature Trails: Clearing bush and making nature trails throughout the property.

Time with Changing Lives Ministries NPO

Professional skills: We welcome the contribution of help in a professional capacity. Administration, Accounting, Photography, Gardening, Plumbing, Electricians, Social Workers, Psychologists -trainers, Life Coaches Beauticians etc. are just some of the services that can be of assistance.

Staff and Volunteers:The effectiveness of CLM in caring for and uplifting the children is only as good as the people that support it. The vision is to provide a caring, positive environment with high-calibre staff and volunteers attuned to the needs of the children. This includes a holistic approach, from health, nutrition, spiritual guidance and emotional support, to education. In keeping with this, we have a strict Code of Conduct which is to be upheld by all staff and volunteers who come into contact with the children in our care.

Apply as a Volunteer

To apply please get in touch with us: info (at) clmsa [punkt] org


via Bank Transfer EFT:

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account: 62061697284
Branch: Benmore Gardens Branch #251-255
Account Name: Changing Lives Ministries
Ref: Your name, email or mobile number
For international transfers our swift address: FIRNZAJJ