Our Story

Changing lives Ministries was born in 1999 from the heart that Milly Jarvis had for local children in the Township of Diepsloot, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Seeing first-hand the lack of services for abused, neglected and orphaned children motivated her to seek support for a community based initiative and establish local partnerships to address the need.

Carried forward by community support, overwhelming need and a very passionate Milly, Changing Lives Ministries opened the first Childrens Home in Diepsloot Johannesburg in 2002. Created as a direct answer to the necessity of a physical place to house children that literally had nowhere to go! This home was staffed by local community women who provided care for children placed in CLM's care by Child Welfare Protective Services.

To address the growing administrative needs, CLM's Governing Board of Directors successfully applied for and received South African status as a registered Non-Profit organization in 2003. (NPO # 028-247)

CLM operated fulfilling its mission and as community awareness increased the number of children in both temporary and permanent placements increased but was limited by the size of the facility in Diepsloot.

In 2007 the search for a larger house outside of Diepsloot began in earnest. Capacity had been reached and CLM management decided to look outside the township area in order to aggressively pursue higher quality education options for the children as part of a larger strategy to increase quality of life for the children in our care.

Exciting changes happened when a new and spacious facility was found. A unique collection of buildings with common courtyards located in an ideal semi-rural environment, with plenty of room to grow and access to great schools. The new home was named The Village of Joy, and it couldn't have been more suited to CLM's needs. CLM relocated in 2008.

CLM applied and received status as a registered Section 18/Public Benefit Organization approved by the South African Revenue Services allowing it to issue tax certificates for donors in 2008. (PBO# 930027907)

With the Village of Joy as our home, Changing Lives Ministries has provided consistent loving and quality care to children placed with us as Emergency Placements, Short-Term Placements of 1-2 years, or Permanently given into our care.

More Excitement began in 2011 when the property owner chose not to renew our lease, instead giving CLM the choice to leave or buy. We were very grateful for this opportunity and are excitedly and desperately trying to raise the money needed in our allotted time to allow us to purchase The Village of Joy. We invite you to come and visit us on our property so we can show you first hand why we feel strongly that this is the best possible place to house our children. The property allows animals, gardening and, ability to house even more children as we unfold our sustainability plan and open our doors to help provide a childhood worth remembering to children in dire need.

However the future of our home is in jeopardy!. Please consider getting involved, sharing our need or donating. For more information on how you can help the children keep their home please see our “Get Involved Page”.


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